North Dakota Lamb and Wool Producers Association

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Starter Flock

The Starter Flock Program is a program initiated by the North Dakota Lamb and Wool Producers Association and the NDSU Extension Service with the intent to encourage and assist young people to enter the sheep and wool industries and help sustain this important food and fiber industry and our American culture.

Each year the NDLWPA selects a group of young adults aged 10 to 22 years old to receive a flock of 10 ewes. These ewes will be purchased by the NDLWPA in late September. The NDLWPA will provide the recipient with a Mentor who have volunteers their expertise and time as well as a RR ram. Recipients will be recognized at the Annual NDLWPA Convention.  This program is self funded by the NDLWPA.

Starter Flock applications are due May 20th